Modern jewelry brand


Jewelry was never just an ornament. Jewelry is mythology, status, friendship, sense of belonging. Jewelry is a story told through time whose precious form changes while the story goes on and on. A Story buried long ago and new stories of deserted industrial halls live in my jewelry because everything in history is present at the same time. This is why my jewelry strives to witness that dust is a mere metaphor. Those who wish so will recognize their story in it.


Indust is a modern, sophisticated jewelry brand.

It is sculpture made from raw material to be worn

by people who are as original, unique, urban and

fearless as the pieces are.


The form and content of my jewelry is polyphonous, uniting different, to

a certain degree even contrasting stories and voices into one

harmonious whole. Those wearing it have the possibility of contributing

to this polyphony in their own authentic manner.


Modern jewelry brand

Made by unconventional metals and materials with forms that defy old concepts of artistic perfection. Handmade of raw industrial materials connected by elegant wire knitted ropes making it a unique wearable piece of art.


Technical details

I never know what a piece will look like eventually. Most often it is a mere hint in my thoughts. During knitting this hint starts to obtain a form until it is eventually effectuated through a combination of woven cable and raw industrial elements such as nuts, anchor, fasteners, bearing, screws, springs, flat washers...


Viking Knitting

Viking knitting is a beautiful, elegant, ancient technique also known as Trichinopoly (chain). Examples of this chain have been found in archeological sites in Scandinavia and the British Isles. Many of these date back to at least 9th and 10th centuries of Viking times. It seems to have been used to make bracelets, trim on clothes and other decorative items and a cross-over from textiles to metalwork.


Jewelry Care

Keep dry and avoid contact with perfumes, lotions and soaps as it may discolour the wire. Avoid extreme temperatures. Store flat to ensure a smooth and even shape. Do not pull or stretch the ropes too much as it could deform the knitted rope.